Get Down and Dirty During Your Auto Repair

Rent an auto repair bay in Mills, WY that's professionally equipped

You're a capable vehicle owner who doesn't need a mechanic to maintain your car, right? Maybe you're a mechanic who just needs space to do your own auto repairs. Maybe you're a hobbyist or novice mechanic who's learning the trade. Either way, you should rent an auto repair bay at Backwards Mechanics Auto Center LLC in Mills, WY.

Each DIY auto repair bay includes:

  • A vehicle lift
  • A standard tool kit
  • Pneumatic air tools
  • Work mats and lights
  • A workbench and vise
  • Oil and fluid disposal areas
  • An ASE Master Technician final work evaluation

Call 307-797-8336 now to order parts prior to your appointment. We'll have them waiting for you when you arrive.

Take control of your car's maintenance

Performing auto work yourself can be fun, empowering and cost-effective. By doing the maintenance work yourself, you could save up to 65% compared to traditional repairs.

You can stop by our DIY auto repair bay to complete your:

  • Oil changeout or brake pad replacement
  • Interior or exterior car detailing job
  • Tire rotation, repair or replacement

Rent an auto repair bay today to take matters into your own hands.